Terms & Conditions of Sale

1. Definitions 

For the purpose of these conditions “Glazing Innovations” means Glazing Innovations and its  successors in title or assigns; and the “Customer” means the person, from or Company placing  an order with Glazing Innovations. 

2. Creditworthiness 

Glazing Innovations, reserves the right not to enter into a contract with a Customer where that  Customers creditworthiness is not approved by Glazing Innovations .Where a contract has  been entered into prior to all usual investigations the Customers credit having been completed,  then if such investigations into when complete prove to be unsatisfactory to Glazing  Innovations, then Glazing Innovations reserves the right to rescind such contract and the  customer hereby acknowledges that Glazing Innovations, is under no obligation, legal or  otherwise, as a result of such rescission to the customer, it’s sub-contractors or any other third  party in respect thereof. 

3. Orders 

All orders are accepted subject to these terms and conditions which prevail over any conflicting terms and conditions of the customer unless otherwise specifically agreed in writing by Glazing  Innovations. Acceptance of any order or estimate from Glazing Innovations, shall be deemed to  be an acknowledgment that any terms and conditions which may be endorsed on or annexed to, or contained in such acceptance or which in any way or manner seeks to revise amend or  supersede these conditions howsoever shall not apply in so far as such revision amendment or  suppression is specifically agreed by Glazing Innovations, in writing. Consequently any order  placed with Glazing Innovations, is deemed to create a binding agreement between Glazing  Innovations and the customer incorporating these terms and conditions whether specifically  accepted or otherwise. Glazing Innovations reserves the right to decline to produce repeats in  construction, which in Glazing Innovations reasonable opinion or experience has shown to be  unsound or which is regarded as obsolete. 

4. Order Acknowledgement 

The Customer is responsible to specify its requirements clearly on its order. Once an order is agreed via Email, production will commence and the customer shall not be  entitled to reject the product or service provided by Glazing Innovations on the basis that it is  not as ordered unless there is an obvious difference between the order and the product or  service supplied. 

i. Amendments to orders will only be accepted in writing and may be subject to an  administration charge at the discretion of Glazing Innovations. 

ii. Cancellation of any order will only be accepted without charge provided that no work has  been done nor any special materials ordered which cannot be cancelled without cost to Glazing  Innovations. Work carried out prior to cancellation will be charge on quantum merit basis save, that cancellation shall not be accepted on any order which has been  substantially completed – if a site survey has been conducted, Glazing Innovations have the  right to charge for this service too.

All of our goods are bespoke, made to measure & do not come under the 14 Day cooling off period.

5. Estimates 

Any estimate submitted (unless otherwise expressly stated) is conditional upon acceptance in  writing by the customer within thirty days of submission and may be liable to withdraw or  alteration without notice at any time before acceptance. All estimates are based upon all work  being carried out in normal working hours, any waiting time, expenses, additional visits or  overtime which is instructed, requested or made necessary by others for any reason  whatsoever shall be charge additionally. Glazing Innovations offer quotations without design  obligation. 

6. Pricing 

Unless an estimate has been given by Glazing Innovations and accepted under terms of  condition 6 hereof: 

i. Prices charged will be those ruling at the day of delivery. 

ii. Prices are issued subject to review without prior notification. 

iii. All products are sold subject to VAT at the rate chargeable at the day of delivery. iv. In the event that Glazing Innovations incurs additional costs of labour or transport over and  above those provided for in any estimate then Glazing Innovations shall in its  absolute discretion have the right to increase the contract price as indicated on the relevant  estimate by the amount of such increased costs. 

v. Suitability of glass specification is the responsibility of the Customer and must be checked by  others before order 

vi. Non-Standard delivery to be agreed on application please notify us if you need this included  on your estimate. 

7. Delivery 

i. Delivery & installation dates are given in good faith but are approximate only and no liability  or blame will be accepted in the event of late delivery being caused by circumstances beyond  Glazing Innovations immediate control. 

ii. Delivery will normally be made by Glazing Innovations. Or its agent carriers to the customer.  Delivery to site will only be affected by special arrangement between Glazing Innovations and  the customer for which Glazing Innovations, reserves the right to make additional charge. iii. All goods should be examined by the customer immediately upon receipt. iv. The signature  by the customer or its employee or agent on the delivery note will be deemed to constitute  acceptance by the customer of the goods in good condition and conforming in all aspects with  the order. 

v. Should any defects be found to the glass or installation; Glazing Innovations must be notified  in writing within 3 days of the delivery or Installation. 

8. Payment 

Payment terms will be subject to a Proforma Invoice, unless agreed by Glazing Innovations. 

If an unpaid Invoice remains unpaid for a period of 7 Days, this will be passed on to our 3rd party collection Company, this will incur addition charges by the 3rd party collections company.

Glazing Innovations have the right to collect, or remove any unpaid products, to which we have not received payment for, without notice.